Christopher Soghoian

The Seattle Times now has their own story on the FBI impersonating the newspaper to deliver malware.

Harper Government Exploiting Recent Attacks To Expand Powers

Glenn Greenwald: 

Investigator leading DHS review of Secret Service prostitution scandal resigned after being caught w/ prostitute

Was this a sting?

FBI cut hotel Internet access, sent agents to “fix” it without warrants

Alleged online gambling ring broken up after agents posed as the cable guy.

The FBI is going to fight tooth & nail to retain the power to impersonate companies. Their ability to MiTM encrypted sessions depends on it.

Tho I’m thinking of starting a pool on who we’ll learn the FBI has been impersonating next. Polio vaccinators? Kindergarten teachers?

Alex Abdo

What do Ebola and the new crypto wars have in common? Politics – instead of expertise – is driving policy.

Is Voter Suppression an American Tradition?

Like the old poll taxes, Ginsburg and Posner explain, the new ID laws target minority voters, who are typically among the most liberal, and who are also often the least able to pay for IDs or meet the costs involved in traveling to the DMV or other government offices to obtain them. And like the old poll taxes, the new ID laws do nothing to ensure the integrity of elections. As numerous studies have shown, in-person voter fraud is virtually nonexistent. The new ID movement thus offers a false solution to a trumped-up problem.


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