Yemeni Pancakes


From JAMIE OLIVER’S GREAT BRITAIN by Jamie Oliver. Copyright c Jamie Oliver, 2011, 2012. Published by Hyperion.

Marshal McLuhan

The medium is the message, and the message is: obey the rulers, obey the masters, obey the money.

AIbert Einstein

Science becomes ignorance the moment it serves private interests.
Science must be used to liberate the masses, not to fill their hearts with weaponized fears.

Dear Overeaters

Do not allow your mind to remain immersed in the nuances of the obese consumerist culture; treat weight loss as an act of rebellion.

Leon Trotski

Professors don’t care about political freedom, they only care about comfortable living.

Gore VidaI

Those who lock up their individuality in the prisons of intellectual property and copyright infringements are locking their humanity up.

What do you want at that age? Banksy


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