A hip hop artist with no criminal record is facing a life sentence in prison based on nothing but rap lyrics he wrote

Eric Holder’s lasting damage to press freedom

25 years ago this week six Jesuit scholars were murdered by a CIA trained death squad

Analysis: The Six Jesuit Scholars And The American War On Self-Determination

Romero was a proponent of Liberation Theology, a movement within the Catholic Church that encouraged the poor to seek freedom from oppression. This religious philosophy was a manifestation of the fight for social justice that was taking place across the world in societies where large majorities of local populations had been exploited by centuries of colonialism, slavery and white supremacy. These people sought to attain their basic human needs such as education and health care by achieving self-determination.

The right to self-determination is one of the most fundamental pillars of human rights.

Is College Worth the Cost?

Yes, but with one big qualification:

{Agreed, but it Still doesn’t teach most people to think, debate, question, play devil’s advocate, etc.}

Time For Some New Political Parties

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Come Together, XD


MT @SteeleTheo fuck yo gay ass post punk | I believe you meant to tweet fuck yo ass gay post punk. & actually I’m more proto punk

What we know about ‘Regin,’ the powerful malware

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