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Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal

Yahoo could have faced fine bigger than US economy for refusing to do NSA’s bidding

You think you’ve got bills? Government could have fined Yahoo trillions of dollars

California passed a bill that would limit police use of drones, but some activists say it only legitimizes their use:

California Lawmakers Want to Limit Police Drones, but Activists Want Them Banned

Assange: Google should be of concern to people all over the world

In his new book, Wikileaks leader speaks about the politics of web giant executives on personal data. And he warns: “They believe they are doing good, but they are now aligned with US foreign policy. This means that Google can intervene on behalf of US interests, for example, it can end up compromising the privacy of billions of people, it can use its advertising power for propaganda”. Like the NSA

Lollardy, a political and religious movement

Although Lollardy can be said to have originated from interest in the writings of John Wycliffe, the Lollards had no central belief system and no official doctrine. Likewise, being a decentralized movement, Lollardy neither had nor proposed any singular authority. The movement associated itself with many ideas, but individual Lollards did not necessarily have to agree with every tenet.

Russell Brand: Why Cameron’s Scared Of Scottish Divorce

#YesScotland “Fellating the Americans”

We have found that a vote for the status quo always ends in a loss of political power, and an increase in economic dependence to the capital

How the media shafted the people of Scotland

Scotland police release statement saying that press reports are false and that independence campaign is peaceful

A #Scotland ‘yes’ tomorrow should see the whole of #Iceland freed from #GCHQ/#NSA mass interception: map

A #Scotland ‘yes’ tomorrow will see 5.3m Scots free to stop #GCHQ mass surveillance of their population: map

A #Scotland ‘yes’ tomorrow will see parts of #Ireland freed from #GCHQ/#NSA mass interception:

Latest Alert – ‘Dark Omens’ And ‘Horror Shows’: Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda

A #Scotland ‘yes’ tomorrow could save Scottish journalists and ISPs from #GCHQ mass surveillance

If the Scots vote for independence, they will do so in defiance of a corrupt corporate media.

An independent #Scotland can remove #GCHQ/#NSA interception stations from its cable landing sites and peer with Eu directly

If #Scotland votes ‘yes’ tomorrow, it may have a famous new resident: Edward #Snowden | BBC

Scotland decides: A ‘no’ vote will lead to a significant transfer of power to London–the Qubec experience.

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