A Blueprint for Bankruptcy

GitHub will no longer remove forks of repositories targeted by DMCA takedown requests unless explicitly requested:

To bring more transparency and clarity to the processes surrounding the DMCA, we are rolling out three improvements to the way we process copyright takedowns:

US urges Japan to break promises to farmers on TPP

Japan urged to go beyond Diet’s TPP resolution


The FBI knows crypto keys can be stolen. They are in the business of stealing them

– such as from the Czech embassy.

Was WHO’s delayed reaction to the Ebola outbreak driven by private sponsorship?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may appear to be a savior when it provides $300 million to the WHO budget, but those dollars come with strings attached. WHO director general Dr. Margaret Chan admitted as much when she said, “My budget [is] highly earmarked, so it is driven by what I call donor interests.” Instead of being on the front line when a communicable disease crisis appears, it spends its time administering what Gates and his team have determined is best.

TPP copyright text is leaked again—Here are the provisions that pose the biggest threats to your rights:


Australia backs copyright crackdown in TPP

Document published by Wikileaks reveals battle over ‘heart and soul of intellectual property law in the Pacific Rim,’ says IP expert

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